Florida's Most Famous Bird

If i say flamingo, you say florida!



Flamingoes Are All Over Florida

Flamingoes are on our yards, our lottery, park names, city names, our zoos...

but they are not in our ecosystem

What'd I Say?

Any flamingoes that might have been in south Florida were made into fancy flamingo hats.


The badass who wrote The Birds of America saw a flamingo in Florida!

"On the 7th of May, 1832, while sailing from Indian Key, I for the first time saw a flock of Flamingoes. Ah, reader could you but know the emotions that then agitated my breast!"

after trying many times to capture a flamingo, he returns to London. while in london, audubon implored friends to send him a flamingo. after six years he received one from cuba. he painted the bird for his studies.


1920s - Miami Beach was building its first grand hotel. The hotel needed a tropical name to attract tourist, it was named The Flamingo.

1930s - Hialeah started an attraction with imported flamingoes displaying the flamingoes natural marching behavior.


1957 - Donald Featherstone and Union Products of New England created the plastic pink flamingo. the pink flamingo earned Featherstone a LG Nobel Prize. Now an iconic symbol of florida, with more than 20 million sold.

Tip - real ones have Featherstone's signature on the butt.

Miami, Again

1980s - Miami Vice's opening credits feature flamingos. Once again everyone be lovin them Florida flamingoes.


2013 - I purpose that flamingoes became an icon of florida through a mix of coincidence, science, tourism, capitalism, popular culture, and being fantastic dancers.

A Lesson From Our Teacher

Flamingo Territory

Cuba Has Flamingoes

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