Mangroves are a nursery, coastal barrier, filter, home, and keystone of the coastal ecosystem

Every Square Mile of Mangrove Swamp

can reduce storm surge by 1 foot.

3 Types of Mangroves in Florida

Each type of mangrove inhabits a different part of the tidal zone




Red Mangroves

Have roots that look like the plant is walking.

Black Mangroves

Have Dead Man's Fingers. Also, lick the leaves! They are salty tasting.

White Mangroves

Have elliptical and opposite leaves

Brazilian Pepper


Brazilian Peppers are the most aggressive invasive plant in Florida. Brazilian Peppers will take over mangrove habitats, killing the mangroves, they grow 10 feet per year, grow back if chopped down, and have no natural predators.

Make sure the plant is a brazilian pepper, then chop it, dig up its roots, eat them, then poop them out in a bio harzardious proof container! Or get in touch with a professional that can do it for you.

Mangrove Forests

Oh Man! Groves!

A Lesson From Our Teacher

Seahorses call mangrove forest home

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