Panfilo de Narvaez

was an asshole

Narvaez Set Sail

from Cuba on March 4th, 1528, with 5 ships, 400 men, 12 women, 80 horses, and a pack of greyhounds. That was definetley the high point of his trip.

Narvaez's ship was tossed off course by a hurricane, and ended up in Boca Ciega Bay. de Narvaez and his men went ashore. On shore he found a Tocobaga village


All Tocobaga had fled the village, and Narvaez searched all homes. He found a gold rattle!! GOOOLLLDD! Narvaez head inland to search for more. He found the Tocobaga chief. The chief showed Narvaez the dead Spanish bodies that had been washed ashore during the storm. The Tocobaga had wrapped the dead in deer skin, which offended the christian Narvaez. Narvaez chopped off the chief's nose and feed the chief's mother to his greyhounds.


Narvaez Was Not Finished

In fact no one in his party would be finished for a long long time.

As Narvaez's party moved northward, into present day tallahassee, they ran into the apalachee tribe. After Narvaez insulted the apalachee chief and trying to kill the tribe, he was attacked by the apalachee.

Narvaez and his party made the decision to build rafts and sail to mexico. Along the way Narvaez died, probably drowned. 8 years later, 4 people, including alvar nunez cabeza de vaca, emerged in Mexico

Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca

Had a long way to go, but that is a whole tale for another time, unless you are craving more

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