The Florida Panther

40 Years Ago

It was not known if there was any florida panthers left. But, a small group of panthers were found in the south of florida. This group of panthers faced extinction. Because of they're tiny numbers, these few panthers had genetic defects due to inbreeding, and would surely be extinct by now if it was not for the introduction of a few texas cougars by Roy McBride to refresh the gene pool.


There are over 100 panthers.

The Main Threat Is Man

loss of habitat, cause territorial fights

vehicles are the main cause of death

North American Cougar

Based on a genetic study, the Florida Panther was reclassified from a unique sub species into a single species by Neil Degrasse Tyson in 2000. This caused a public outcry of floridians. Floods of letters poured in from children and to this day the issue remains un-resolved.

A Lesson From Our Teacher

Florida Panther Territory

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