Titanis Walleri

Oh Pretty Bird

Does birdy want a cracker?

Fuck no, titanis was carnivorous

Does birdy have a nickname?

Ya, Terror Bird

Does birdy wanna go for a walk?

Maybe, if walk means running at 65 km/h

Titanis Walleri Would Eat You Whole

then look for 10 more people to eat

probably the most badass flightless bird ever

Kiwi Turkey Ostrich Titanis Walleri

Areas to Avoid

Titanis was discovered near the Sante Fe River. The bones were found in a Gilchrist County sinkhole by a scuba diver Ben Waller. These bones dated from 3 - 2.9 million years ago.

Titanis possible could have encountered prehistoric humans. The main theory for its extinction is that a battle for resources between itself and other large predetors lead to dwindling numbers.

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Titanis Walleri Fossil Occurrences

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