Vernon, FL

Nub City


You mean, this is the real world?

Thank you Errol Morris for making the documentary "Vernon, Florida".

Originally titled "Nub City" due to the high number of lost limb insurance claims. But, after receiving death treats, Errol Morris refocused the film.

You ever seen a man's brains?

I've seen them.

I've picked them up, scooped them up.

Put them in, do them up like brains.

You buying brains?

Now, this here is a gopher.

He's not a turtle.

He's harmless. He won't bite you.

I don't know just how come him to be way down in here. He don't like this kind of land here. It's a high, dry, sandy land for him.

And he's good to eat, too. I don't eat him, but people do eat him. He's just a fine piece of meat for the dining table.

I heard one gobble.

And I said, "My God. "

Boy, that's the best diarrhea medicine in the world.

You hear a turkeygobblE, you forget all about diarrhea and everything. Headaches, everything. That'd cure anything.

Henry Shipes


In the late 1950s through the early 1960s, Vernon, Florida was responsible for roughly two-thirds of all loss-of-limb-related insurance claims in the United States.

The most amazing account of this:

"There was another man who took out insurance with 28 or 38 companies,” said Murray Armstrong, an insurance official for Liberty National. “He was a farmer and ordinarily drove around the farm in his stick shift pickup. This day – the day of the accident – he drove his wife’s automatic transmission car and he lost his left foot. If he’d been driving his pickup, he’d have had to use that foot for the clutch. He also had a tourniquet in his pocket. We asked why he had it and he said, ‘Snakes. In case of snake bite.’ He’d taken out so much insurance he was paying premiums that cost more than his income. He wasn’t poor, either. Middle class. He collected more than $1 million from all the companies. It was hard to make a jury believe a man would shoot off his foot.

A Lesson From Our Teacher

Vernon, FL


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